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I started my PMU education in 2018 with the world renowned PhiAcademy and became a certified Phibrows artist. Then I attended Miracle Beauty and Nails Academy for my Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer education and passed the state board exam to receive my license. I wanted to continue my education and learn from the best in the industry, so I decided to train with the world famous, Brow Daddy! Then I decided to get my Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer Instructor license just to have. A few months later, someone referred me to a friend who was looking for an instructor. It was a sign for me to start teaching!



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Linda is an exceptional Permanent Makeup teacher. Not only does she possess extensive knowledge and skill in the field, but she also demonstrates remarkable patience with her students. Linda understands that learning a new skill can be challenging, so she takes the time to explain concepts thoroughly and ensure that her students grasp the techniques involved. One of Linda's greatest strengths is her ability to encourage her students. She understands that confidence is crucial when it comes to practicing Permanent Makeup, and she goes above and beyond to boost her students' self-esteem. Linda provides constructive feedback in a positive and uplifting manner, always highlighting their accomplishments and progress. Linda's dedication to her students' success is evident in her teaching approach. She creates a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance. Her patience and encouragement help her students develop their skills and grow as Permanent Makeup artists. In summary, Linda's exceptional teaching skills, patience, and encouragement make her the best Permanent Makeup teacher. Her commitment to her students' success sets her apart, and she has the ability to transform aspiring artists into confident professionals in the field. 

Shakila Stevenson- 

Love Mrs. Linda, she’s the best! Extremely talented and very organized. Very patient and helpful while teaching. Created a very fun and peaceful environment to work/learn in. Also prepared us very well for the state board exam! 100/10 recommend!  

Kati Mckinley-

Linda is one of those teachers who you’ll never forget. She’s genuinely kind, knows her craft and doesn’t hold back when educating her students both inside the class room and out. I could not have asked for a better teacher.

Marlene Cox-

Linda was amazing! I had a one on one training with her and learned more than I did in school. She was very informative and insightful and it is evident that she truly loves what she does! She takes extra care to ensure she is using safe and sanitary practices, I’ve even had her do my own brow tattoo!

Hannah Burton-


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